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Before filling out this form, make sure you have already checked to see if your desired date is available. 

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Centennial Rotary Lodge

Rental Agreement

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Food Services
Liquor Services

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Term & Conditions


Food Services

  • There is no in-house catering service. Rental groups are welcome to bring their own food in and/or hire a caterer. 

  • There is no access to a kitchen facility. Groups must come self-sufficient for any food service they plan to offer at their event. 

Liquor Services

  • Absolutely no liquor can be brought on site by guests. This includes into the facility as well as the parking lot and the surrounding public park area

  • Centennial Rotary Lodge is a licensed facility. Liquor service can be provided by Centennial Outdoor Centre Inc., upon request. 

Liquor Services offered by Centennial Outdoor Centre Inc.

  • Bar service can be provided by Centennial Outdoor Centre Inc. All liquor, non-alcoholic drinks, and service of those beverages will be through Centennial Outdoor Centre Inc.

  • Absolutely no liquor can be brought on site by the patrons, this includes the parking lot and public park area. It is the responsibility of the individual booking to ensure that this is adhered to by all patrons. 

  • If liquor is brought on site, the bar service will be closed immediately. 

  • We will be providing a cash bar (drinks can be paid for by cash, Visa, Mastercard, or debit). We do offer the option for individuals to start a tab if they provide a credit card. All tabs must be paid that night.

  • Drinks are $6.00.

  • Drinks must remain in the building and cannot be brought outside to the public park.

  • Last call will be shortly before midnight. Your event must be finished by midnight. 

  • If there are patrons who have over consumed, or are acting disrespectfully, or are not meeting the expectations set out here, the bartender will make the judgment call as to whether the bar should be closed earlier than 12am.

  • All patrons must be 19 years of age or older. Anyone who appears under 25 will be asked for a government ID. Absolutely no alcohol will be served to anyone under the age of 19. Patrons must respect that and ensure that absolutely no alcohol is being shared to patrons under the age of 19.

  • The bartender will cut-off any patron who is not acting respectfully of the facility or our expectations.

  • For organizations that are providing pre-purchased drinks (including drink tickets), it is important to note that individuals whom you have purchased alcohol for become your organization’s responsibility. We ask that you please ensure respectful drinking habits as well as safe travel after your event.

  • For groups that purchase drink tickets, there will be a %10 gratuity on the bill that will go directly to the bartender.


  • No deposit is required. Upon receipt of this booking agreement, if the booking is accepted, Centennial Outdoor Centre Inc. will send along a confirmation by email.

  • Payment is required in full prior to the time of the event. One month prior to your event you will receive an invoice. Payment can be made by visa, Mastercard, or e-transfer. If you prefer to be invoiced earlier please just let us know.

  • Payment should be made 2 weeks in advance of the event. At that time the event will be considered confirmed and refunds are not offered after that time. 

  • Prices are subject to change. Price of facility rentals are as-listed on

  • Bookings not paid for before the time of the event will be assumed to be cancelled. 

  • Centennial Outdoor Centre Inc./Camp Centennial/ The City of Moncton and its agents are not responsible for loss or damage to property of our guests or visitors.

  • The rental group (or individual) agrees to reimburse Centennial Outdoor Centre Inc. for any and all damages to facility, equipment and property.




Day-of booking

  • The facility will be opened for you at the beginning time of your booking. Someone will be there to show you the facility and answer any questions you might have. 

  • Setup, take down, and clean up is the responsibility of those renting. We ask that the facility please be returned to a similar state as it was at the beginning of the event. Garbage must be bagged (provided on site) or in the garbage cans provided. 

  • All  events must be finished and everyone cleared out by the end of the  requested booking time. The very latest that  groups can book is midnight (12:00am). 

  • All Facilities are strictly no smoking.

Changes to bookings

  • Any changes made to the booking by the renter must be confirmed in writing (email).

  • Any changes, additions, or alterations made by either Centennial Outdoor Centre Inc., you, or the individual responsible for the booking does not negate any of the terms or conditions stated herein. 

Thank you for your interest in hosting your event with us! We have received your booking agreement. We will be in-touch within 3 business days to confirm the booking. Please note that booking availability is based on first-come first-serve basis and will be determined based on the time of rental agreement received. If you have any questions, or do not hear back within 3 business days, please feel free to contact the office at 506 853 3507 or

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